Add Life to the Landscape with Unusual Gardening Accessories

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Not only can unusual ‘recycled items’ be transformed into beautiful, one-of-a-kind gardening accessories, they can also add life to your landscape and make interesting conversation pieces. With only a little imagination, an ordinary landscape can be given a makeover simply by incorporating a few gardening accessories. In the garden there is a place for everything, especially the unusual. You can turn nearly anything into useful gardening accessories, and these can be found just about anywhere.

Ladders, gates, or bed frames make attractive gardening accessories for your plants as you can allow vine-growing plants to climb over them. Some of the most commonly used items can easily be transformed into gardening accessories. For instance, plastic jugs, old pots and pans, baskets, tires, as well as old wash tubs and sinks can make great containers.

For a more personal touch, transform aluminum pails, tire rims, or even a pair of outgrown boots into useful containers. Provide sufficient drainage and nearly anything goes. If there aren’t any drainage holes, make some. Tubs, barrels and tires can be used for making small ponds as well. Fountains and other water features can also be created from old objects.

Gardening accessories can include lights. Drop some candles into canning jars or large-mouthed bottles and line walkways, patios, or garden areas with them. These make great wind-resistant candle holders for a subtle touch of nighttime light. Old coffee, soup, or paint cans can be used as well by punching decorative designs into them and adding some paint.

Stones and weathered stumps or logs even have potential as gardening accessories. Place them in strategic locations to provide additional interest to an area of the landscape. These can make attention-grabbing edgings for borders, walkways, or flower beds too.

Another Use for Tools in the Landscape

Large objects make ideal focal points and lovely gardening accessories, especially tools. Wheelbarrows and old mowers are good choices. Simple artistic sculptures can be created out of seemingly useless items. Old pieces of junk, for instance, can be pulled apart and reassembled into creative sculptures, gates, and other gardening accessories.

Old metal chairs, bicycles, or bed frames that are just lying around can also be put to use as sculptures, gates, or fences. Turn an old mailbox and worn-out tools or other similar items into festive gardening accessories as well. With a little imagination, an old rake or pitchfork can quickly become an eye-catching focal point. Post-hole diggers and shovels to make fascinating creatures. Scatter them throughout the landscape for interesting lawn ornaments. Obsolete, rusted lawn rollers, mowers, wheelbarrows, and tools make interesting showpieces too.

No matter what you use for gardening accessories, one thing is for sure; if it’s something unusual, it will certainly add life to the landscape.


Bonsai Gardening Secrets:
The Insider Secrets to Creating Beautiful Bonsai!"

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