Beautifying Your Great Outdoors: Gardening & Landscaping

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Whether you are a new homeowner or simply looking for ways to improve your yard’s appearance and function, gardening & landscaping will provide the ideas you need to beautify your outdoor space. Gardening & landscaping designs come in a potentially overwhelming variety of plans and styles, but with some careful planning, you can choose the design that is perfect for you.

So Many to Choose From

The assortment of gardening & landscaping plans available in books, magazines and web sites is dizzying. How do you narrow this collection down to a single plan that will work for you? Think about your space and what physical limitations are you dealing with? What purpose do you want your gardening & landscaping to serve? How much time are you willing to spend on maintaining your outdoor space? Consider utilizing the idea of outdoor rooms to meet all your gardening & landscaping needs.

Outdoor Rooms

In gardening & landscaping, a concept that has gained a great deal of recent attention is the idea of outdoor rooms. This design concept divides outdoor spaces into areas with a coherent function and style. By breaking up the yard into separate areas, the major elements can be separated into their own areas, making the yard more functional and less cluttered.

There are several ways to create outdoor rooms with your gardening & landscaping design. Structures such as pergolas, gazebos, trellises and planters can be used to frame an outdoor room. Plantings of shrubs, borders or trees can accomplish the same goal in a more natural fashion. Groundcover materials, from grass or other low-growing plants to brick or patio stones, can also define separate areas.

To decorate your outdoor rooms, think about how you would decorate inside the house. Choose colors that work together to create a consistent and attractive palate that includes flowers, furniture, and accessories in the space. Because outdoor rooms use plantings as a primary source of color, remember to keep bloom time in mind when planning your gardening & landscaping.

Create attractive transitions from one outdoor room to the next by using gates, arbors, and paths as graceful transitions. Plan plantings in these transitional areas to coordinate with both the spaces they connect, and use materials that tie in to both areas.

With some planning and a clear sense of purpose, you can choose the gardening & landscaping design that best suits your needs, or combine elements from popular designs to create a style all your own.



Bonsai Gardening Secrets:
The Insider Secrets to Creating Beautiful Bonsai!"

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