Organic Gardening: The New Trend

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Organic gardening is a specific type of gardening which greatly reduces the use of pesticides and harsh chemicals, and which tries to provide as many nutrients as possible.

Organic gardening is rapidly becoming an incredibly popular practice of gardening, as more and more people are beginning to shy away from any form of use of harsh chemicals, and instead opt for more natural and cleaner products for their garden.

Why is Organic Gardening Better?

There are numerous advantages to organic gardening, such as the fact that you can enjoy a wide diversity of garden insects, birds, and mammals which are otherwise affected by artificial gardens; for the most part, it is considered that organically grown food tastes better all around; you can do your part to stop waste and environmental pollution from avoiding the use of excess soluble fertilizers; and you can be assured completely that absolutely no pesticides whatsoever will go into the fruit, vegetables, or herbs that you eat.

What Must an Organic Gardener Do?

There are several significantly important tips which all who are planning on organic gardening must remember. One of the most critical is to be sure and avoid the planting up large areas with the same plants. Instead, grow plant companions, especially those plants which repel insect pests.

There are several key ingredients which it is considered that every organic gardener must have, five in particular. Garlic is used as a natural antibiotic and antifungal remedy and when garlic is combined with mineral soap and oil, it then becomes a very effective pest control product. Milk is used to help control powdery mildew on cucumbers just as effectively as a synthetic fungicide. Beer is used to attract slugs (which are in fact a useful insect in regards to gardening) and floating row covers are used for preventing insect pests from reaching the plants, and newspaper is used to smother and rid the garden of weeds.

Protein fertilizers are available almost everywhere these days, and besides that, there are numerous household recipes for starting and maintaining a fresh and healthy garden – without the use of harsh pesticides.

There is so much information presently available on the issue of organic gardening, that whether you are interested in starting in on this trend yourself, or you have already begun and simply want more information on the subject, it is not difficult to find.


Bonsai Gardening Secrets:
The Insider Secrets to Creating Beautiful Bonsai!"

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