Producing Healthy, Higher Quality Plants with Soilless Gardening

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Soilless gardening is simply growing plants without the use of garden soil. This type of gardening is also referred to as hydroponic or aeroponic gardening. When plants are grown by of soilless gardening techniques, the roots of plants don’t exert all of their energy trying to search for required nutrients as is the case when gardening with dirt. Instead, these roots are given a constant supply of nutrient solution, resulting in smaller root systems and more abundant plant growth.

Maintaining a Soilless Gardening Environment

With soilless gardening, you have the ability to control all of the influencing factors associated with plant growth including light, temperature, etc. In the soilless gardening environment all of these important elements are easily maintained as opposed to regular gardening using soil. For instance, you choose the type of light and how much is appropriate. You designate suitable temperature settings as well as proper humidity and pH levels. Soilless gardening is easier to manage and much less time consuming.

The implementation of hydroponic fertilizer keeps plant growth healthy and vigorous. Plants can be given a growing medium such as gravel, sand, perlite, or even air; however, this is not a factor in the aiding of growth. It is merely an anchor for the plant.

The continual supply of nutrient solution is what produces healthier growth. The aeroponic method of soilless gardening does not involve using a growing medium. Instead, the solution is sprayed directly onto the roots of hanging plants. An additional bonus to soilless gardening is the fact that there are no weeds, no pests, and no soil-borne diseases to worry with.

There are several methods that can be used in soilless gardening. One of the simplest includes the passive technique where you determine when and how to water the plants. For instance, the ‘wick’ method is a form of passive soilless gardening in which the plants are housed in Styrofoam trays that float on top of the nutrient solution.

The roots of these plants simply soak up this solution as needed. Other soilless gardening techniques include the use of pumps and/or timers. The flood and drain method, for example, involves the flooding of individual pots or growing trays with nutrient solution which is then drained back into a designated reservoir.

What Types of Plants can be grown?

Nearly any type of plant, from garden vegetables and fruits to herbs and a variety of flowers, can be grown using soilless gardening methods. Soilless gardening is an easy, effective alternative for growing plants without the use of soil, providing healthier, high-quality plants and yielding greater harvest results.


Bonsai Gardening Secrets:
The Insider Secrets to Creating Beautiful Bonsai!"

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