Easy Vegetable Gardening Tips

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There are numerous vegetable gardening tips that can make gardening easier. However, since not all gardens are the same, not all vegetable gardening tips will work for everyone.

Some vegetable gardening tips, such as implementing flowers and herbs with vegetables, can add interest and variety to your vegetable garden. Flowers or herbs having strong odors, such as marigolds and garlic, can actually repel pests and help prevent disease as well. Many vegetables also make exceptional border plants and can be grown for ornamental purposes.

Easy Maintenance and Soil Improvement

Other vegetable gardening tips include the use of corn stalks or sunflowers as interesting, make-shift poles for beans to climb up. Using a ladder as support for vine-growing plants, such as pumpkins, also provides the same effect. Simply use the rungs and sides of the ladder to train the vines. Place the pumpkins on the steps for further support.

If you happen to have any branches lying around, this too, can make a good, inexpensive vegetable gardening tip. Pick out branches that are sturdier and use them for staking up your plants. Stick them in the ground and use pantyhose as ties to prevent damage to the plants. Pantyhose are also more pliable and will stretch as the plant grows.

Here are a few other interesting vegetable gardening tips to try for improving the soil and increasing production. Planting onion sets throughout the garden helps the soil stay loose and keeps weeds out too. Many crops will also grow better when they are ‘mulched’ by large, leafy vegetables. This also aids in retaining soil moisture.

Nitrogen not only encourages larger yields of produce but fertilizes the soil. Plant alfalfa grass or clover before the next garden season and turn it into the ground before blooming for healthier soil.

There are many vegetable gardening tips for keeping your plants watered, but an easy way to do this uses plastic gallon-sized jugs or two-liter bottles. This is a great way to recycle as well. Simply poke some holes along the bottom of the empty container and bury it in the ground, leaving the top exposed, either next to or between plants and fill with water.

The water will slowly seep into the ground, adding moisture to plants. Keep an eye on the water levels and refill as needed. Here are some other vegetable gardening tips for watering; don’t water at night in hot or humid weather. The moisture and humidity combined with high temperatures can promote plant diseases as when water crops at the roots; foliage is allowed to become excessively wet and diseases may spread.


Bonsai Gardening Secrets:
The Insider Secrets to Creating Beautiful Bonsai!"

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